Land Clearing

– Mulching

– Dozing

– Root Plow

– Tree Trimming

– Grubbing

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Road Construction

– Rock Crushing

– Crushed Base Roads

– Paving

– Culverts

– Concrete Stabilization

– Crossings

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Water Improvements

– Lakes

– Ponds

– Dams

– Creeks & River Clean Out

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Site Prep and Dirt Work

– Airstrips

– Erosion Control

– Pad Sites

– Right of Way

– Pipeline

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Underground Utilities

– Electric

– Telephone

– Water

– Fiber Optic

– Sewage/ Septic

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Family Owned and Operated

Cedar Beetle is family owned and operated in South Texas, and we are experts in Texas ranch improvements and construction services.

We use our Top Con equipped machines to clear vegetation prep your ranch site, allowing for as much or as little vegetation removal as you desire.

We are well versed in creating water features including lakes and stock ponds. We can handle any and all road improvements to your properties. And we can make sure those utility lines are well underground, out of sight, and away from livestock.

No matter where you are at with your project, Cedar Beetle can help you get everything finished to your specifications.